Meet The Coaches

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Taisia Grissom

I am a health and wellness advocate and passionate about becoming the better in every area of my life (spiritual, physical, relationships, finances, educational), and I want to help others do the same.   As a Fasting Coach my goal will be to provide the support, information, motivation and inspiration you need to achieve and maintain your goals.


Jocelyn Sidwell Holman Health Coach, NASM CPT, FNS, BCS

Jocelyn is known for her love of nutrition , fitness and wellness.  Her focus is on a healthy food relationship while prioritizing plant foods to optimize clean eating. Being a Institute for Integrative Nutrition  graduate in 2012, her passion for fitness led her to become certified with National Academy of Sports Medicine in 2015 as well. She has taken her desire to improve her client’s overall wellbeing with an in-home practice, online coaching, along with coaching fitness and nutrition classes at several gyms in the area.
She prides herself in proper movement and motivating her clients to surpass their goals. She loves to coach functional fitness and how to use your body properly along with HIIT classes. She enjoys living the lifestyle of fitness, nutrition and wellness. Her fitness and food motivation along with mindset will help you achieve the same.  
Her love of a healthy lifestyle still allows a little indulgence.  She believes in the 80/20 rule and enjoys a cocktail or glass of wine.  Her wanderlust and beach lover lifestyle keep her active and balanced in the hustle and bustle of daily life.  She can help you find the balance of with a healthy food relationship while feeling like a human and enjoying your favorite recipes.  Speaking of recipes, her favorite Chantel Ray Way recipes are the cabbage crunch, detox salad and of course the chocolate mousse.  Life is all about balance and enjoyment.  Jocelyn looks forward to coaching you to be the best YOU!

Sherri Daron

Hi! I’m a 44 year old wife to Paul and mother of 2 very active kids, Jack 13 and Elli 10. I also work a full time job and volunteer at my church weekly. With always being on the run I found myself eating here, there, and everywhere! And, I am 100% southern. I’m from Tennessee, went to college in Arkansas, and now live in Texas. Everyone knows the foods in the South are smothered, covered, and topped with everything from gravy to deep fried. So on top of eating at all hours of the day I was not making the best food choices and almost always over eating. When I found the Waist Away program I knew it was going to be my saving grace! I could still have some of the deep fried southern foods that I love but also learn to not over eat as long as I was in my 6 hour window. Within a few weeks I had lost 10 pounds! And by the second month of following the program it had become routine and was more of a lifestyle for me.  If I want to lose a little more I just shorten my window to five hours or four hours and I try to eat cleaner during those hours.  My favorite part is that I never feel deprived! I always feel satisfied and I absolutely love the results!

Lindsay Kuhl

As a 38 year old wife and busy mom of 4 kids (4,6,9, 10) who are involved in lots of sports, music and activities with our church, I struggled to not just snack all day long or eat the leftover pb&j off my kids' plates.  Now, using the Chantel Ray Way of intermittent fasting, only eating within my 6 hour window, I pay closer attention to when I am eating and if I am eating because I am really hungry or if I am just eating because it's in front of me.  Eating the 80/20 way has helped me to not binge on leftover pizza and donuts.  If it's in my window, I may eat one slice of pizza or have a couple bites of a donut, but living this lifestyle has given me discipline and seeing the results keeps me motivated to continue living this way.  In the first 4 weeks doing intermittent fasting, I lost 6 lbs and plan to completely wean myself off my medication for hypothyroidism.  For someone on the go with lots of schedules to manage, the Chantel Ray Way has been a game changer!
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Chantel Ray

Chantel Ray is the author of the Amazon best-seller, Waist Away: The Chantel Ray Way and Fasting to Freedom. She also owns a multimillion-dollar real estate business. After struggling with her weight and with autoimmune disease for years, she began interviewing thousands of thin women for their eating and lifestyle tips. She used these interviews to develop her Chantel Ray Way.

Chantel has helped thousands of people around the world lose weight through her Chantel Ray Way of Intermittent Fasting. She has also created multiple programs, tools and free resources to guide readers through her revolutionary approach to weight loss. Her podcast and website serve as a beacon of hope to the many people who struggle with sustainable weight loss.